Roadtrip August 2017, Part Two

Starting to get behind on this, not gonna have the ability to add photos until I hit Sacramento later this evening. This post will be about traveling in between cities and my thoughts on Flagstaff & Scottsdale AZ. 

While traveling between the states, I find that while equipped with the trusty telephoto lens, it's rather difficult to grab anything attention getting while also trying to be the navigator (and swat my dad's hand from using his phone while driving, bleh). I'm pretty damn quick to the draw with my camera, likely one of the best  skills I've learned while using/teaching myself with it is to simply be ready to react at a moment's notice. Having a steady hand and proper framing technique will be gained overtime once you are used to your equipment, but being ready for an opportunity is one of the best skills you can learn, no matter if you have a DSLR or a smartphone camera. I'd be happy to critique and give advice should anyone want to improve their camera game sometime.

Most notably in between NM & AZ, I found quite a few odd pieces on the sides of the road, mostly towards the Petrified Forest as we were making our way towards Flagstaff. From the time I was a kid, I had an obsession with dinosaurs and when seeing these obvious tourist attractions, I was immediately drawn to them. While some will be a bit blurry (even in direct sunlight) I managed to grab a couple of humorous and unique shots while riding shotgun (listed below post).

Over the two days or so we were in Arizona, I found Flagstaff to be the most notable and refreshingly nice to be in versus the hotter parts of the state. Flagstaff basically reminds me of what Boulder, CO would look like if the "Hill" extended to the whole town instead of the gentrified mess that is Boulder now. It's very much a college town and large young and retired population but felt refreshing compared to CO, it's a place I would gladly come back to and perhaps give camping a shot with (starting to look into that scene soon). 

Scottsdale felt like more of a normal city, we were fairly close to the "old" part of town that has been converted into a trendy area with shopping and places to kill the smoldering heat outside. Nothing special and wish I had time to visit a friend who lives in Mesa, but alas, another day.

Some pics below of shots in between traveling and some other MW shots. Next update I will start writing tonight about my brief time in San Diego and one night in LA (will be spending more time there in a couple of days) and my weekend in Sacramento. 

Thanks for reading and will update soon.