Roadtrip August 2017, Part One

Okay, I promised myself I would do this during the trip. Been trying to think of ways to expand upon my work as a photographer and hopefully this is something I can start to commit to (along with writing out my timeline for a future book, but that's another story...).

After a couple months of planning, me and my semi-retired father decided on starting a roadtrip across parts of the USA at a time, deciding on the West Coast starting south from Denver (New Mexico, Arizona, Northern & Southern California, Oregon and possibly some of Washington State & maybe Vancouver, CA if we get a chance. A small delay on Aug. 3rd in the morning, but we made great time (accounting for supercharging as well (Model S 75D)). Did about seven or so hours into Santa Fe where I have been for the past day. My father used to live here about 45 years ago or so and spent some of the day cruising around town and looking at old adobe homes and old & artsy parts of the city (east side). 

My goals for the day included a return visit to Meow Wolf ( and visit a brewery (Santa Fe Brewing) that I had missed from my last visit in November '16. MW has changed in a couple different ways, a few new "exhibits" including a washing machine into a starry netherwold, a series of lights tied to toilet flushings and a anime-like room with animals and alien types of mounted heads on a wall. Some pics below on some of the highlights (will post more in a future update). 

Good seeing the place again and will likely come back in another six months or so to see what they have cooking (unless the future Denver site makes some progress). Did a quick run to the brewery and ended the day with some photo editing and relaxing. Our next portion of the trip will take us to Flagstaff & Phoenix Arizona, uncharted territory for me and eager to see what's on the horizon.

Next update soon, cheers and thanks for reading (work in progress).