Across many different industries, I've been solving many different types of problems during my career. However, in nearly every case, I was never able to fully solve a problem due to multiple setbacks. Which include: Constraints/restrictions in the role, lack of urgency in a response or simply no support from peers to fully fix something. After some time in my last role in support, I decided that tech was not letting me accomplish the problem solving goals I wanted to perform, I needed to do some soul searching and hunt for a different passion.

I honestly felt like I was a spaceman drifting into the void looking for space to feel whole once again.


During Denver Startup Week '17, the world of User Experience was introduced to me started to change my whole world view on how problems are approached and handled. After a few months of research, study and real time practice, I have throughly changed how I better solve problems better than I ever did during my time in tech support. With UX Design, I see so many more possibilities for how we create human centric design. 


This portion of my about page is going to be a bit more experimental. I'll likely add other social media accounts here like Instagram, Spotify, etc. Check back in now and then to see what I'm up to on the sidelines.